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Puppy Pre School


We are excited to introduce our puppy class with new trainers and new format. Our focus is around behaviour and socialisation and lots of fun! It has been restructured into 4 weeks and 3 categories, which include: How to look after my dog in general, most common behaviour issues, and training cues.  There is treats, freebees, a graduation certificate and a framed graduation photo at the end of the course.

Puppies: between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age, who have at least had their first vaccination

We are have courses running all year on Wednesday evenings.

May we introduce who is involved?

Dr. Heather Reeder BVSc


Heathers passion has been feline and canine behaviour. She is spending time with Jess and studying hard to become a veterinary behaviourist herself.


Dr. Alex Gilmore DVM PhD. and Dr. Alice Elischer BVSc


Alex and Alice are contributing to puppy class with their insight of commonly seen behaviour issues and Q and A for all sorts to help answer all your questions.

A veterinary nurse- or other

You might find one or the other vet nurse or vet nurse in training sneaking in to help out training the beasts….

Steve G- SG photography

He is the person who will take an awesome graduation photo of your puppy. But FYI has a post- graduate animal behaviour degree himself!


Dr Jess Beer

Veterinary Behaviourist | Kiwi Vet Behaviour | Auckland


“My passion is, to provide pet owners
with compassionate and effective behaviour treatment!”

Dr Jess works closely together with Dr. Heather Reeder, who has been with us since 2016. She is helping in the background with specific behaviour issues, and we can refer to her for any individual behaviour issues.

To find out more information on start dates and locations or to book your spot, call our clinic on 3728387 and speak with our staff today.

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