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Wellness Plans and Insurance - What do I need?

Wellness vs Insurance

What's the difference you might ask?
There are several insurers around! For example PD pet insurance, Southern Cross, Pet-n-sure, Petplan and we are not tied in with any of them!
They help pay your vet bills and depending on you individual plan they cover some or all of the costs. Insurance can be claimed for small or large health events.

Wellness plans are designed as a preventative measure to keep you pet healthy. They include desexing, dental treatment, preventative health care (flea and worming), unlimited vets advice and free consults.
Wellness plans and insurance can be used in conjunction to each other as insurances usually don't pay the cost of flea and worm and vaccinations in most instances.
We have exciting news to share!!!

We can't offer you insurance.. That would be your own homework to do... But we are launching wellness plans here at Vets on Waiheke to make pet care more affordable!
What benefits will this bring to you and your pet?
- unlimited 24/7 phone advice
- unlimited free consults (mostly unless it's in the middle of the night, there might be a balance to pay)
- flea and worm treatment delivered to your doorstep for an entire year
- discounts on preventative care: blood tests and dentals
- access to an online pet store with 10% discounts on all pet products (also delivered to your door)

Still not convinced? Come in and see us for further information and we can discuss the best options for you!

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